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    How can I see what's happening inside a script without running in debug mode?

    Dick Kain Level 1

      My problem is obscure. My script is over 2000 lines, and it mostly works just fine, but in special cases it messes up. So I tried running cases in debug mode and everything worked just fine, even in the special cases that didn't work when they were invoked directly from the scripts panel. So I've tried the following to try to glimpse what's going on when it's not in debug mode:


      1. Put in alert messages ------ nothing happens! The alert lines are ignored, except when running in debug mode. So this does not help.

      2. Put in lines to save status in the document's label object. This also works in debug mode and not when running the script by double clicking on the panel.


      I thought that there might be some mode setting about turning off outside communication during execution, but I can't find any hints about that, so I guess that that's not the problem.


      I also wondered whether there might be a problem with the graphics card being involved, but cannot find any information/controls about that.


      Any ideas for obtaining an inside view of the variable values while the script executes from the scripts panel would be appreciated BIG TIME!!

      Thanks in advance,