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    Baggage files not displaying in Project Manager panel?

    Teri White Level 1
      I have 203 baggage files in a project but only 45 of them actually display under the Baggage Folder list in the Project Manager. When I select new/baggage file and select one of these...there is no response from RH. If I open the rhbag.apj file with Notepad the files are listed - all of them! I don't see any strange characters and we are very careful to name our baggage files with underscores and only alpha/numeric characters.

      If I rename the file outside of RH and then reimport it, it will display and I can change the name back...but that's very time-consuming for 160 files.

      What is causing RH to not display these? Any topic linking to them works. It just seems to be a display quirk for the folder itself. I tried rebuilding the .cpd file and that didn't change anything.

      Anyone have any helpful tips on how to fix this? THANK YOU!!!