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    Error with Adobe ID.


      Hello, since about 4-5 weeks all our customers that bought Tolino tablets have gotten the same error (An error occurred while loading your file. The file is presumbly damaged and cannot be opened. . Please contact customer service ) when trying to download any Adobe DRM-protected content. I've even tried and set one up myself with the same error as outcome. The Swedish libraries get the books from a place called Axiell media but they've done their own research and came to the conclusion it's not a Sweden specific problem since it's not possible to get books from other countries either. They clame it's a Tolino-thing and Tolino says they have no knowledge and our distributor thinks it's a Adobe-problem so hence I'm contacting you.



      What doesn't work:

      Opening DRM-protected books from the internet directly into the tablet.

      Opening DRM-protected books that you copied from the computer and CAN open and read on that.


      What does work:

      Synching to the Adobe server

      Opening any book that DOESN'T have DRM-protection


      What I, or customers, have tried but doesn't solve the problem:

      Making a new ID on a brand new tablet.

      Formatting the tablet and reinstalling.

      Factory resetting the tablet and reinstalling.

      Getting a new Adobe ID set up.

      Downloading/opening books on a different device that works and copying them over.



      Anything you can assist with?