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    Interactive PDF retrieving spreadsheet information




      Sorry in advance if the question has already been answered but can't seem to find it.


      I am building an interactive PDF where a client number can be added in one field for identification.


      I have an Excel spreadsheet with the correlation between client number and name.


      Is it possible to import this spreadsheet so that when the client number is filled in one text field, the client name will be displayed in a second field?


      Thank you for your help.

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          Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

          Are you looking at populating this as 'static' text in the PDF form that is being created from InDesign (e.g. you'd have number and name locked in for each PDF form you create?)


          In that case, you could look at using Data Merge in InDesign (save a .CSV file from the Excel Spreadsheet first, with headings at the top of columns for 'number' and 'name'.).


          The following weblink will explain how to do this:


          If this doesn't provide you with a solution, please provide as much information as possible. We might need to move this forum post to PDF forms forums in that case for more support.

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            bzoiro Level 1

            Hello Cari,


            Thank you so much for your help, but actually that's not exactly what i'm searching for:


            I created a form that our clients can download and fill, requesting material and resend back to us. This is a generic form for all clients.


            The document has 2 text fields to be filled: Client number and Client name. I have an Spreadsheet where I have this correlation.


            My question is then if this is possible:

            -Client d456- Jason Walker downloads the PDF file to make a request.

            -Client writes "d456" in "Client number" field

            -The spreadsheet data is embedded in the PDF and automatically "Jason Walker" populates the "name" field.


            This is a simplistic version, as further client data would need to be imported, but i think this better helps to understand my goal.


            Once again thank you for your help.


            Kind Regards

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              Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

              I've moved this post to JavaScript forums (part of Acrobat community).


              As the PDF form you've created from InDesign is an Acrobat PDF form, you'll likely need to work with a JavaScript to get the Client name populated. 


              What I think would be needed in that case, is for the Client name field properties to be edited in Acrobat, and then using a JavaScript automatically enter the value for the field based on the details in the spreadsheet. I'm thinking you'd probably need to include some sort of reference table as part of the JavaScript (an array that contains 2 values for each entry: client number, and client name), that can be referenced by the script.


              I'm not much of a scripter myself, but hopefully someone here will be able to assist.

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                Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

                I think there may be a privacy issue here. If the spreadsheet data is embedded in the PDF, any of your clients could (with a little skill they might have) read it and get your full list of clients. In some countries (such as any in the EU) that would be illegal.  Where you have seen similar systems the client data is held on a server, and not available to users (though this is still questionable as people could generate client numbers automatically).

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                  try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  It's possible, but not with an Excel file. The file will have to be saved as a plain-text file first.

                  Then it can be accessed either from a local folder (if the location is known in advance or if the user selects the file), or it can be attached to the PDF and accessed directly. I've developed similar scripts for many clients.