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    Sound Issues with InDesign and Publishing Online

    david-sashmedia Level 1


      I recently started creating a document that contains animation, and audio sounds.

      I have watched the tutorials and read the how to's and and followed it all.


      My issue is when I publish the document and after it is uploaded online, I click "VIEW Document".

      As it loads and I see the first page animate, it also loads and plays fractions of all the audio clips I have used in various pages in the document.

      I have set each one to the setting of "Play on page load" and "Stop on Page Turn".

      All are Mp3 sound files. No matter what computer I load the link, on it does the same thing.


      Once document is loaded and go to the pages the sounds are on, it all works fine. Just on initial loading of documents you can hear ALL sound clips one by one on loading of first page. Is there a reason for this? How can I stop this?


      I have the latest version of Indesign CC 2017. Under a month I have had it for.


      Any help would be appreciated.