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    Data Merge wont Work.

    cbishop01 Level 2

      Hello all,


      I have a document i'm trying to use data merge on  and it says i cannot open the document.  Its a CSV file. i only have 1 entry in it right now but it will not load in Indesign any ideas?  I'm using the latest indesign and Excel. for MAC osX 10.11.06.  I've tried saving it as several different types of CSV but none work.

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          SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          How exactly does the error read when you try to choose your data merge source?

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            amaarora Adobe Employee


            Make sure that your data source file is structured in such a way that you can include the appropriate fields in your target document. For example, the top row of a spreadsheet should contain the field names that you’ll use in the target document, such as “Company” and “Address.”

            Can you try after ensuring that the 1 entry you have created right now, has more column entries below it. Something like...

            Save it as a CSV (as per your OS) and then close Excel. Opening it in InDesign would then show you something similar to...


            Let us know if this helped.



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              cbishop01 Level 2

              Thank you.  I had the Excel spreadsheet still opened.  Apparently you have to close it even if you save it.