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    Stabilize footage with blurry pixels

    Frikanih Level 1

      Hi all.


      I recorded a footage in an extremely dark place, so I had to adjust the camera options so that the image looks good, the problem is that it brought blur when there are fast movements on screen.


      I normally won't mind about this, for this makes the footage look even better at times, the problem is that the footage was pretty shaky, so I had to stabilize it, and after doing so I realized that, my footage is perfectly stabilized, but the pixels blur randomnly, because of the camera shake.


      It looks like if I had applied an adjustment layer with a camera lens blur effect and putted an expression so that it turns up and down randomnly. I've tried fixing this with unsharp mask, levels, and many other methods, but there has been no possible way to fix it.


      The footage was from a wedding so nope, there's no way of recording that again. My question is, is there any way to fix this without buying an expensive pluggin? I hope I made my doubt clear, thank you all for your time.