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    folder not showing at the right place

    Sams'tru Level 1


      I'll probably demonstrate my ignorance about how catalogs works in LR, but I have an issue with a folder that doesn't show up where I would like it to be. I recently bought a new laptop and at the same time upgraded from LR5 to LR6, which is probably why the folder didn't come to the usual place. A picture is worth a thousands words, so I attached a sreenshot. The images I recently added to my catalog were supposed to end up into a subfolder I created within the "Nikon Transfer" folder (the one with 19530 pictures at the bottom of the screen shot). I created this new subfolder within the Nikon Transfer folder from the import pop-up window. However, now I see that my pictures show up in a new "Nikon Transfer" folder (the one with 704 pictures) that LR added itself at a higher hierarchy. I tried to move it, but it said the place where I want to move the pictures already contains a subfolder of the same name, even though it doesn't appear in the left panel. I tried something else and it messed things up even more... Can someone tell me how I could put this back together and why this could happen?

      Sorry if it is not clear, it is not clear in my mind either! I'd appreciate any help

      LR Catalog.jpeg