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    PS text box


      The frame that defines the text box disappeared.  I can still type/ manage the text, but I can't adjust the size or location of the box.  Where did the frame go?

      How do I get it back?

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          KanikaS Adobe Employee

          Moving to Photoshop

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            Dan Rodney Adobe Community Professional

            There are two kinds of text, point type and area type:

            • Point type is created by clicking once. It does not have resize handles (because it's meant to be one line of text). You can move this with the Move tool.
            • Area type is created by dragging a box. It does have resize handles to change the area in which text will wrap. You adjust that box when using the Type tool (and the cursor is in the box). You can also move this with the Move tool.


            If you used to have resize handles on all layers, you probably had Show Transform Controls checked in the Options bar (at the top of the screen when the Move tool is selected).