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    Canceling Membership




      I am a recent graduate and I can no longer continue to afford paying for adobe products. I have been wanting to cancel for a while especially after Adobe hiked up the prices on me by surprise. I want to get out and I was in no way informed of this price hike or asked at all if I wanted to continue the service for another year! No email, no contact nothing. And without my approval the price went up and I was stuck in the contract again. I want to get out of Adobe CC completely without paying another extra fee that I was not aware of. I continued to pay after the price hike and didn't call or complain but now that I want to get out they're telling me that I have to pay $80??? As as a recent graduate, this is something I cannot do. I've been a loyal customer for 3 years! I just want my membership cancelled and my credit card information removed PLEASE!!!


      A company as big and "well respected" as Adobe should not have to place this surprise fee on their customers ESPECIALLY when they're students who are trying to stay financially afloat in their creative fields. This is insane!! There is also NO WHERE on the products page where a cancellation fee is talked about. Someone help me get out of this mess!