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    InDesign CS6 won't launch - gets stuck on splash screen


      After using InDesign CS6 successfully for over a year on Windows 7, recently it has gotten stuck on the splash screen, saying "Starting up Service Registry..." and won't move past that.   When I open Task Manager on my computer to force quit, it doesn't even show that InDesign is running -- I have to restart my computer to quit. 


      After several reboots and the problem persisting, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling IDCS6 using the installation CD; it launched successfully once; and then now I'm back at square one, getting stuck on the splash screen.  How can I fix this?

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          Try trashing your InDesign Preferences:


          Close and relaunch InDesign, and IMMEDIATELY hold down Ctrl + Alt + Shift (Windows) or Cmd + Ctrl + Opt + Shift (Mac), and respond in the affirmative to the dialog asking if you really want to replace the preferences. you must be extremely fast on the keyboard (if you don’t see the confirmation prompt, you were too slow).


          You may have to do it a couple of times before you get the hang of it!