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    Is there a way to speed up "Import and Preview Rendering" Times?


      Hi there forum..


      I want to know if there is a way to speed up Import and Preview Rendering times? it is slow as hell...



      I often work with thousand of raw images, and I like to render Standart preview before I start the selecting process. And the rendering of the standar previews size (1024px) takes a lot of time, almost 1 second per image. 3.600 raws takes 1 hour to render, and I often shoot more than that.


      There is a way to speed that up? Im losing hours only to render previews...


      Also Auto Import from lightroom is painfully slow... doesnt use Lexar HR1 multi card Reader simultaneous download...



      - Lightroom Standart Previews is setup as 1024px - Medium Size

      - LR cache is 40gbs on an SSD

      - Auto XMP is turn off

      - GPU Aceleration is ON

      - Catalog with 70.000 images - 1.7gbs Size.

      - While rendering Previews, Lightroom CPU Usage is below 9%. basically The CPU is Iddleling.


      The PC setup that I use:
      - Windows 10 - (up to date)
      - Intel Core i7 5820K - 6 cores 3.30Ghz
      - 32 Gbs of Ram DDR4 2000mhz
      - Nvida GTX 1060 4gbs VRAM
      - SSD 250gbs Samsung EVO 850 PRO - SATA EXPRESS (OS, Lightroom Software, LR Catalog + Cache)
      - 1TB WD Black 7200RPM for RAW Storage - SATA EXPRESS

      - Lexar Workflow HR1 with 4 SR1 Bays (Card Reader)

      - CR2. raws - Canon 5DmkIV and Canon 6D often.


      Thanks for your time in advance.

      Marko Nara.