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    Update published help


      RoboHelp 2015

      I have a published RoboHelp 2015 merged WebHelp project. I need to update it. I'm not sure the best process for doing that. Do I update the entire project and re-post or can I just post the updated files?


      2. The software calls the help using URLs. If I republish the file, how do I ensure that the existing modules keep the same URL?


      3. The majority of the modules link to a main page in the software. I need to change the structure of the Master Project. How do I ensure the files still can be called with the existing URL?




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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          1. Unless you add new child projects, it is usually sufficient to just generate/published children that have changed. Just run a quick test on a few things that have changed. Note though you must upload the whole project for any children that have changed, not just the changed topics. If you follow the publish process in RoboHelp, it will take care of just updating what has changed, which is more than just the topics.
          2. The URLs will only change if you change the structure. If you add new topics or move existing topics, you must let the developers know. If you are just updating topics, the URLs will not change.
          3. Within a project, if you move stuff around within RoboHelp, it will change the links. However, your developers will not know that unless you tell them so if they link to a page you are moving, you must liaise with them and get their agreement. Links across projects that are part of a merge have to be adjusted manually.

          Also see the pages on my site about Merged Help and the structure.


          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring information