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    Looking to automate pdf creation using csv, InDesign and Smartstream



      We manage a process that I'm trying to automate, and part of this process includes creating a pdf file from an csv file through InDesign 2015 and HP Smartstream.


      We run this job about 40 times a week, and a sister company runs it about 80 times a week. The data changes per job, and one of two layers are used per job.


      Currently, our process is:


      1. Open InDesign and choose the template

      2. Click "Smartstream Designer" to attach a database from a client folder on our network drive

      3. Make sure "skip rows" is 1

      4. Verify the DB

      5. Click OK

      6. Choose the correct layer

      7. Click SmartStream Designer

      8.  Create the job

      9. Enter the name of the job (we use one of three job types)

      10. Select the network drive folder for the output

      11. Choose all records

      12. Click Create


      We are hoping to automate this process, perhaps from the command-line?


      Your thoughts?