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    "disabledDays" to disable "minutes" in an Intra-day chart

      I've been using Flex to plot some financial charts, using the mx:DateTimeAxis as my horizontal axis to show the date and time of the plot. When plotting annual info, I'm able to use the "disabledDays" feature to remove Saturday and Sunday from the plot. While this feature has its own set of problems (performance, incorrectly shrinking the plot's width) I've been able to work around those glitches to my satisfaction.

      I also been rendering intra-day financial charts, and sometimes multi-day intra-day charts. In other words, I'll be displaying stock data from 9:30am Monday through 4:00pm Wednesday, using "minutes" as the unit of measure for my horizontal DateTimeAxis.

      My problem is that I'd like to hide the periods of the day in which there is no trading activity when displaying a multi-day-intrady plot. So in my example of rendering an intra-day plot of Monday-Wednesday, I'd like to remove all of the overnight periods between Monday-Tuesday and Tuesday-Wednesday.

      If it was an annual plot, I could use "disabledDays" and provide an array of the day values that the Flex chart component should remove, but is there a way to do this when the unit of measure for the horizontal DateTimeAxis is "minutes" instead of "days"?