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    Deleting the same field across multiple pages


      I have a 200+page PDF that has hundreds of fields per page. The pdf is generated from an ERP system, but does not have the fields when it is created, so I run the auto detect forms feature so they can be filled out. All of the fields are created correctly with the exception of ONE! Acrobat puts the form in the wrong spot on the page.


      Is there a way to remove ALL of this one field, on each of the pages of the PDF?


      Since the Auto Detect feature is used the name of the field is incremented on each page, so the names are not identical.

      The naming structure of the filed is "Enter Biweekly Oncall Amount" then increments as Enter Biweekly Oncall Amount_1, _2, _3 etc.


      I've seen solutions for identically named fields, but the incrementing  is giving me trouble.