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    Open Letter to Mr. Shantanu Narayen, Chairman, President and CEO Adobe


      Dear Mr. Narayen,


      I'm writing to you to bring to your attention a problem I am having, and to appeal to your sense of fairness to make things right.


      I am customer for Photoshop and Lightroom for which I pay $10/month. However, recently I noticed that I was being charged for the Adobe Stock product ($32.65 for each of the last three months), a service I did not order.  I do not know how I came to be receiving it. I suspect that you may have my information from my current subscription, and billed me erroneously.  Once I noticed the charge, I did the obvious thing, cancelled it, but then I was charged $130.61, for canceling something I didn't order in the first place.


      I am apparently not alone in this situation, as other customers with the same problem have posted in the Adobe forums, but they have not gotten satisfaction. Here are some examples:





      While the individuals on those forums accuse Adobe of unethical behavior, I think it is simply that an administrative error has been made. Can you please make sure I am refunded the $228.56 that I am out?  (3 months x $32.65 + the cancellation fee of $130.61).


      Thanks very much.




      Marina Tychinina