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    Adding Default Publish profiles to Animate CC


      After reading this article:

      Using Animate CC HTML5 Canvas Templates with Multiple Publish Profiles | Creative Cloud blog by Adobe


      I am trying to find out if there is a way to add publish profiles to Animate CC at the program level. Right now I can create different profiles and add them to the SFW, but if I open a new swf it does not have the same profiles. I can export them from one profile and add them to another, but my development team uses the same codebase over and over again and it would be a great help to be able to save these profiles for use with every project, not just the ones I add them to. Is there a system folder you can drop these in where they will get added to the default? I seem to remember thats how flash was some years ago.

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          ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

          Publish profiles seem to be stored here (for Windows):

          %LOCALAPPDATA%\Adobe\Animate CC 2017\en_US\Configuration\Publish Profiles


          But nothing placed in this folder shows up in the profiles dropdown. In fact if you delete the default.xml that's in there, it rises from the dead the next time you run Animate. It appears to be coming from this folder:

          %PROGRAMFILES%\Adobe\Adobe Animate CC 2017\en_US\First Run\Publish Profiles


          But copying another profile into that folder and re-running Animate doesn't do anything either. In short, the local configuration folder for publish profiles appears to be basically non-functional, offering nothing but "Default" on new documents no matter what you do. Maybe there's some specific secret XML mojo that must be done to make new profiles appear.


          Anyway, for years now my team's solution to this is to just use a standard blank FLA with all the publish settings and defaults preset. Easier to update than monkeying around with system folders on everyone's computers too.