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    Lightroom library missing thousands of photos

    NGerman Level 1

      Hi, I manage a massive photo library for my office in Adobe Lightroom containing over 23,000 photos that have ben taken over the years.  On the computer, the photos are divided between 60 different folders, some of which have over 40 different subfolders with even more subfolders within those.


      With such a complicated filing system, Lightroom has made it easy up to this point to keep this library organized with keyword tags.


      Unfortunately, due to limited space, we have recently had to move all of our photos from one drive on our office server to a new drive and now Lightroom is complaining to me that 23,600 photos cannot be found.  Is there a quick easy way to relink / re-import all the photos from the new drive and will it keep all my tags or will I have to start from scratch and retag them all?


      To make matters even more difficult, I’m afraid some of the files have been renamed too.