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    Lightroom Merge to panorama grayed out

    TA Silverman

      I have CC and all files are up to date. I just installed Helicon Focus and Raya Pro. Now the merge to panorama and merge to HDR are grayed out and the edit in photoshop open to layers, merge to panorama, and merge to HDR also grayed out.  I have tried disabling the plug in to see if that is the problem, but nothing changed, so now I am not sure. Has anyone else had this problem? How did you fix it?

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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Did you select at least 2 photos?

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            TA Silverman Level 1

            Thanks. I was tired and had forgotten to select two. I figured it out about 2 minutes after I sent the note.



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            Lightroom Merge to panorama grayed out

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              BartonGarrett256 Level 3

              For anyone who gets here and does not have that problem- two or more images selected.


              i just had the same issue- command grayed out- and I do a whole lot of panoramas, nearly every day, big ones.


              I closed everything and updated Camera Raw and now I have the command back. 


              I think I got there by disabling the "Camera Raw not up to date" warning, which I got tired of having to click through.