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    100% Width and Height Images on One-page site


      I would like to have a site that users can scroll through full browser sized "panels" on a one page site. Each "panel" fits to 100% width and height of the browser. The viewer navigates from panel to panel by pressing down on the keyboard or a single scroll that snaps the next panel. Very much like in this site: http://www.arconic.com/thefuture/


      I have tried the "Anchor +" Widget and that helps achieve the scrolling effect, but still can't figure out how to make each "panel" full browser width and height.


      The best I can find is this Widget: https://www.muse-themes.com/products/presentation-panels#shopify-product-reviews but it seems to break down once breakpoints are added.


      Is there any way I can do this in Muse? If not, there is a Javascript library "fullpage.js" that creates a similar function. Can I import this to Muse somehow?


      Please Please Help!