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    Digital Edition & ipad


      I have been able to successfully download Digital Edition on my MacBook Pro and on my iPad.  Why am I receiving the message"Digital editions could not connect to the activation server. Please make sure you are connected to the Internet"? I had to be on the internet to download the app to the device, so why is this happening.  I am using the same email (Adobe ID) and password that I've used on my MacBook Pro on my iPAd. 


      Has anyone else had this issue? If so, how did you resolve. If not, how do you resolve this issue.

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          I contacted their customer service and they said I had to only use the forums.  I am very unhappy with Adobe at the moment.  I guess the reviews on the App store were accurate.  This product is garbage.

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            I am very dissatisfied with adobe products. I do not understand this terrible terrible problem. I have been with the same issues and I do have the internet connection connected but I keep getting the same issues. I have also reinstalled ADE over and over again but still no result. I have even rebooted my ipad and I still can't do anything. PLEASEEEEEE FIX THIS TECH ISSUE glitch in the system because I do know that this doesn't have to with the internet connection ( I have also rebooted the modem and still can't do squat all!!!)


            I can't do my home work now... THANK YOU ADOBE!

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              This is driving me nuts. I've been having exactly the same problem and there is no way of actually reporting this to Adobe. I just keep going around in circles.  I wasn't happy in the first place that the seller I purchased my book from used this exclusively, now I'm even more pissed.