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    Apply exact edits from one photo to another?




      Can I transfer edits that I have made in one file to a new one? Specifically, I made edits directly to a layer, such as dodge/burn, and transform>warp. However, I would like to re-upload the image at a higher quality, but then apply the exact same edits, if possible. Because I made the changes directly to the layer, I was not sure how to copy them.


      P.S. I am working in Photoshop CC 2014


      Thank you!

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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          No. the closest you could do would be to record an action, WHILE you are doing your original edit, then replay for another image. However, a different sized file would cause some issues with the action. Once you save and close a file, what you did, edit wise, is gone.

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            Stephen_A_Marsh Adobe Community Professional

            EDIT: I will not bother testing as my idea would only apply to colour and tonal edits, not manual dodge/burn and distortions etc.


            In addition to Chuck’s reply, this is of course another good reason to use Adjustment layers, which could be copied from one file to another (while additionally allowing non-destructive edits). I may have a solution to “capture” some or perhaps all of the “baked in” edits and apply them to another image, I’ll post back if I have any luck with my tests.