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    Need a shortcut for "All Photographs"

    J Isner Level 1

      To perform a global search of all photos currently requires several steps: Switch to the Library module, go to Grid view, select the Pictures folder in the Folders panel, and finally enter the filter criteria.  In my opinion this is such a common use case that there should be a more efficient way to do it.  I particularly dislike having to use the Folders panel.


      Here is what I do now: Click the small triangle in the breadcrumb bar above the filmstrip and select "All Photographs."   This saves me from having to use the Folders panel, but it is still clumsy.  If there were a keyboard shortcut to select All Photographs it wouldn't be necessary to touch the breadcrumb bar.


      Does anyone else see this as a problem and think a shortcut would be useful?  Or maybe there already is a good way to do this that I have overlooked.