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    Moving Objects and/or Particles first controlled, then randomly?



      I am looking for a 2 ways to animate a lot of layers/texts...


      I would like to know about: first using expressions, second using TC Particular.



      I am using this expression:


      tMin = .25; //minimum segment duration

      tMax = 1.0; //maximum segment duration

      minVal = [0.1*thisComp.width, 0.1*thisComp.height];

      maxVal = [0.9*thisComp.width, 0.9*thisComp.height];


      end = 0;

      j = 0;

      while (time >= end){

        j ++;


        start = end;

        end += random(tMin,tMax);


      endVal =  random(minVal,maxVal);


      dummy = random(); //this is a throw-away value

      startVal =  random(minVal,maxVal);



      It moves around the object/text randomly from one to next position. How can I define the starting position. I would like to have control of the movement first (by using keyframes or moving along a path) and at a certain time make the object move randomly / drifting.


      Second: I would like to achive the same with Particular.

      The first part of the movement of the particles (not the emitter) should be straight upwards. After a while (let's say half the screensize), the particles should start to move randomly in space / drift.

      I don't understand how to do it. I have a Point-Emitter.  Using direction "Directional" makes them drift out of the Composition. Moving along a path makes them stop at the end of the path and "Air Resistance" can't be changed with keyframes. I am not very firm with Particular I must admit...