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    CS4 Styles Issue

      While working on a backdrop using Fireworks CS4 on Vista (32 bit), I ran into an interesting issue.

      Applying styles to a regular rectangle works just fine, and selecting a new style updates the shape. However, rounded rectangles have issues. When initially created, it appears to have the last style used. However, new styles do not fully update the shape. Some seem to have no effect, others might change the stroke but that is it.

      Fireworks CS3 does not have this behavior, so it appears to be something new introduced in CS4. Any thoughts?
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          Sarthak Singhal Adobe Employee
          The styles existing in Fireworks CS4 are such that only some of the attributes will get affected when they are applied on an object.

          You can always create styles with your custom attributes.
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            sseagren Level 1
            I understand that only some attributes are changed (in fact, I went to look at what the styles are supposed to apply). The odd part is that the same style behaves differently on different shapes in the same document.

            So the issue appears to be with the rounded rectangle shape more than one particular style. Similar results with some symbols in the common library. Any thoughts on why the same style is behaving differently?
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              Sarthak Singhal Adobe Employee
              The styles when applied to groups, Autoshapes, symbols will work as follows:

              1. When you apply a style to a group/autoshape, the path attributes are NOT applied to all the sub-elements & only the effect is applied to the entire group.

              2. When a Style is created from a group/autoshape, only the effects will be defined in the created style. The fill and stroke options are unchecked by default and hence they will not be picked up in the style. When the fill and stroke options are checked they will be picked up in the style created.

              3. When a style is redefined from a group/autoshape, only the effects are redefined. All the path attributes are ignored.

              Rounded rectangle is an Autoshape. An alternate would be to use the "Rectangle Tool" and change its roundness which can now be defined in pixels or percentage values.
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                heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
                Thumbs up for those details Sarthak, it's nice to know these 'conditions'.

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                  DigitalArchitectCanada Level 3

                  This feature honestly made me hate CS4 at first.... BUT... simply use the subselection tool and double click the autoshape you want to apply a style to and then click the style. All attributes will be applied just like it normally would in CS3.