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    Numbering issue




      Im encountering persistent issues with the automated numbering of my newly created indesign (CC'17) document.


      The numberings of the third leve. (eg. 2.2.1) are inconsistent with those of second Level (2.4). Therefore indesign places number 2.2.1 just after 2.4 as  in the Image.

      Im sure my text box-Connections are in the correct order and I've checked the settings. Still this occurs throughout the document. What can be the cause of this issue? I'm quite frustrated






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          vinny38 Level 5

          Without screenshots of the settings of your paragraph styles (Bullets and numbering section), it's hard to tell.

          Now, it looks like your level 3 might not be be properly set.

          It should be ^1.^2.^#^t and seems to be calling level 1 twice: ^1.^1.^#^t

          Start by checking this at first, and if it's not the problem, please provide screenshots of you para styles (Bullets and numbering section)

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            davidf64719464 Level 1

            thanks a bunch man, this was the problem exactly!!!


            my bad for copying the settings, instead of reasearching the settings thoroughly!