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    Adobe Flash Player enabled but not recognized in Windows 10 Edge

    jonc16299946 Level 1

      At Adobe Flash Player issues with Windows 10 (Microsoft Edge) , the Adobe Flash Player test works just fine, and of course I have flash enabled, but I repeatedly get the message that either my flash player is disabled, or is otherwise not available. Most recently, I got this message from the Echo360 website while trying to access online lectures:


      Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or above is required to view this content. After performing a check of your system, it has been determined that you do not have the proper system configuration to view this Echo. Use the link below to download and install the latest Adobe Flash Player. To find more about the minimum system requirements, please visit Echo360.com.
      The Adobe Install check page lists my info:
      Your Flash Version

      Your browser name

      Edge (ActiveX)

      Your Operating System (OS)

      Windows (Window 10)


      There isn't a problem with the Echo360 website (my classmates can view lectures just fine, and I could up until about a month ago... don't know what changed), but as I said this has happened to me a few times where I can't view content because I 'don't have a flash player'. Sometimes the Adobe test page also tells me my Flash Player is disabled and I need to enable it (I check every time and it's always been enabled). Since Flash Player is integrated with Edge, is there still some way of unistalling/reinstalling as a reset to my Flash Player, or some other fix I can do?