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    ColdFusion could not delete the file for an unknown reason.




      ColdFusion could not delete the file C:\ColdFusion11\cfusion\wwwroot\LAW\Briefs\A2878\pwd1.txt for an unknown reason.

      I am unable to delete any .txt or .msg file immediately after upload from their physical path and as well as from server too and the Coldfusion doesn’t return any particular reason for failure.


      It doesn't allow me to delete the file from the physical path i.e. from the brief folder, it will show an error pop-up with a message 'The action can't be completed because the file is open in coldfusion.exe'(see attached screenshot). It seems that Coldfusion locks the file in the background and after sometimes it allows me to delete the file successfully.


      For another extension like .docx, .pdf, I am immediately able to delete the file after upload.

      Apart from this, when I restart ColdFusion service it will allow me to delete the file again as if the file is getting locked by ColdFusion.


      I am using ColdFusion version '11,0,03,292866'.




      Does anyone have a solution to this problem?