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    Transferring datasources from one machine to another

    WolfShade Level 4

      Hello, all,


      I'm in the middle of moving all my stuff from my old, dying development system to my new development system, and in the process I'm also switching from CF10 to CF11.


      I've finished the CF11 install, and can get to the CFAdmin page with no problem.  However, I have about 40 DSNs on my old dev system that I need to transfer to my new system, and I really don't want to manually enter everything.


      I've seen posts online about taking the old neo*.xml files and "place them where the new install can find them" then tweak another .xml file to re-run the migration wizard.  That didn't work, for me.  It just broke my CF Server.  I restored the original .xml files and rebooted - that at least got me back to where I was.


      Are there any other ways with which to xfer all my DSNs from my old system to my new system??