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    Audio Keyframes Out-Of-Sync In Some Songs

    T0x1cNugget Level 1

      Hello, I have been using the keyframe assistant to turn my music into keyframes to animate layers. For example magnifying a layer depending on the value of the slider of the audio amplitude. For some songs this works great, however on some songs the keyframes are completely out of sync or somewhat random, not seeming to be linked with the song whatsoever. An example of a song that doesn't work with the keyframe assistant for me is here:

      Show & Tell (feat. Claire Ridgely) by Said The Sky | Free Listening on SoundCloud


      This may be a stupid question but it just does not make any sense, most songs work fine, however the odd one when converted to keyframes will be completely out of sync, and sometimes seem to not relate to the song at all.


      Can anybody help me? For the projects that I am making this is really important to me.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          I'll bet that's compressed audio -- mp3, ac3, whatever -- and because there are so many varieties of compression, you've hit on one of the many kinds that doesn't work well in AE.  It's VERY COMMON.


          Hey, it may never have happened to you before, but AE's had problems with compressed audio since Day One.  So it's always wise to convert any audio to a wav or aiff file.  Use Audition or one of the many freebie audio editing applications if Audition scares you.


          Once converted, just start over from scratch.  Abandon your work on this current project.  Restart the machine, make a new AE project, and start again.


          Incidentally, I doubt you mean, "keyframe assistant".  I bet you mean, "convert audio to keyframes".

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            T0x1cNugget Level 1

            Yes you're right, I was using compressed audio. I never realised that it would ever be a problem, but that's obviously causing the problem because it's working fine now!


            Anyway, thanks a lot for your help!