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    Lightroom not seeing new picture on camera

    ashleyj56073739 Level 1

      Hi, so my some of my newer pictures on my Fuji Film X100S are not showing up in Lightroom's import when my camera is plugged into my computer. The pictures are not showing up in the right order and many that are showing in Lightroom are ones that I have deleted off of my camera already. All of the ones showing up are older ones that have already been imported via Lightroom onto an external hard drive, but even with the boxed checked to not import duplicates they still import with a -2 added onto the file name. Why is this happening and how do I fix this? I would really like to only have the new pictures that are actually on the camera to import through Lightroom and have Lightroom NOT import duplicates. Any ideas on why this is happening and how to fix would be greatly appreciated!!!!!


      Side note: Image capture doesn't show the old photos like Lightroom does and it ONLY shows the NEW pictures that are on the camera.