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    Custom Calculation Script - Standard Deviation


      I am having trouble creating a Custom calculation script in my Adobe Acrobat XI Standard. I have a table with fields row_1, row_2, row_3, row_4, row_5, row_6, row_7, row_8, row_9, row_10, row_11, row_12, row_13, row_14, row_15. I have a field that already calculates the mean, that field name is mean. So far I have been able to create this but it does not work:


      sqrt(((((row_1-mean)^2)+((row_2-mean)^2)+((row_3-mean)^2)+((row_4-mean)^2)+((row_5-mean)^2 )+((row_6-mean)^2)+((row_7-mean)^2)+((row_8-mean)^2)+((row_9-mean)^2)+((row_10-mean)^2)+(( row_11-mean)^2)+((row_12-mean)^2)+((row_13-mean)^2)+((row_14-mean)^2)+((row_15-mean)^2)))/ 15)