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    Fonts keep reverting back to the original


      Every time I am going to use the fonts and change the font style by scrolling down, the font list closes and stalls and the writing I have goes back to the original font. I have tried updating the program and that didn't work. This is incredibly frustrating since I am trying to create logos.

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi nicoleveltri,


          Which version of Photoshop are you using and which exact font do you find trouble using?

          What all font kits(like Suitcase)  do you have installed?

          You may also simply post the system info from Photoshop Help>System info menu here, and we'll figure ou the rest.




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            racecardriversr Level 1

            I feel your pain. I have experienced the same thing, many times but it was always my error (and mostly on previous versions)...when scrolling to look at fonts and how they look with your text, it's only a 'preview', so until you commit the font, it keeps reverting to the original or last selected font. It's so frustrating....especially if you have LOTS of fonts and you've scrolled far down the list and weren't looking at the font name you would like to use.


            If you're using your arrow keys to scroll and not highlighting the text, you'll run into more issues but it's still possible to do it that way. just make sure you either hit the enter key or highlight the text and hit enter to commit.

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              nicoleveltri26 Level 1

              I am using whatever is the latest software and newest update, only downloaded the program less then 30 days ago. I don't have anything else installed.

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                c.pfaffenbichler Level 9
                I am using whatever is the latest software and newest update

                Please state the exact versions as indicated under Help > System Info for example.


                What is the Font Preview Size setting?