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    lost serial number




      I bought Lightroom 6 two years ago. I downloaded it and logged in with my account perfectly fine and began to use it, thinking because I logged in with my account I assumed Adobe would then automatically register my account. But they didn't. I have recently bought a large amount of presets and when I went to download them it asked for my serial number. Well I threw away the box thinking Adobe would have registered me and it would be as simple as going to my account to find the serial number...



      As I said I have thrown away the box it came in and all I have is the CD and the case the CD came in, not much help...


      I called the support line and they were no help even though my lightroom is logged in under my account?


      I am now stuck and I have lost $70 please tell me someone has a fix to this




      Broke university student

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          dj_paige Level 10

          Is Lightroom still installed? If so, you can find your serial number at the location given in this document:

          Preference file and other file locations | Lightroom CC and 6


          Suggestion: from now on, you need to store ALL of your serial number (not just Lightroom) in a location that you know you can find at a later time. What I do is I create text file on my computer that is named serial_numbers.txt, and place all of your serial numbers into this file; and I make backups to another disk and to "the cloud", so even if my house burns down, I still have access to all of my serial numbers.

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            jessicam40259729 Level 1

            Thank you,


            I normally do keep the box but it has been misplaced in the chaos of life, I like the idea of putting it in notes, very smart, thanks for the tip!


            Now I tried what the website says but when I get to the "Lightroom" stage of the instructions (see below)

            /Users/[user name]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Lightroom 6.0 Registration


            There is no folder called Lightroom 6.0 Registration

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              dj_paige Level 10

              Is your computer Windows or Mac?

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                jessicam40259729 Level 1

                Macbook pro from 2013

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                  dj_paige Level 10

                  As I am not a Mac person, the only advice I can give you is to read the instructions carefully.


                  Particularly the part where it says:

                  Note: The user Library file is hidden by default on Mac OS X 10.7 and later. For temporary access to the user Library file, press Option and choose Go > Library in the Finder.

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                    I have the same problem.

                    My path /Users/[user name]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/  has only Lightroom 3.0,4.0 and 5.0 registratons/install cookies

                    I found that in /Adobe there is a folder called /Adobe Lightroom AMT. I guess this has to do with the installation of LR 6, but it cannot be blankly copied.

                    So I am also stuck in the process and cannot afford to pay a hefty amount for a new license from start.

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                      dj_paige Level 10

                      What version of Lightroom do you have installed? Did you apply the instructions I quoted in reply #5 above? Explain what you did, in detail.


                      By the way, for anyone reading this far, you should never be in the situation where you can't find your serial number (for Lightroom, or for any other software). You need to find a way to store your serial numbers someplace you can find them again. I have a text file, which is backed up to the cloud, for my serial numbers, with the easy to find file name of "serial numbers.txt".

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                        alberti.nl Level 1

                        Thanks for the reaction.

                        I found a number, wanted to check if that had the format of the LR serial number, and now PRESTO! there it was, the real one on the My Adobe  My Products page.

                        Somehow when I had looked at that page before there was nothing; so one way or the other I have logged in better now, it seems.

                        I did copy it like you said somewhere else  now (but still digitally ).

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                          alberti.nl Level 1

                          I went with my new computer to that page, and why I was confused was that at first when yo go to the membership page you get  creative cloud offers.

                          When I went there again (coming from profile visit) it now showed 'see your products'.


                          So marketing creates havoc, lets us grab our hair and start pulling, lets us put ashes on our face . . . (yes I am creative)


                          So on first entry you get the prompt to buy a subscription (upgrade to a paid iCloud):

                          1. Lidmaatschapsgegevens
                          2. Upgrade naar een betaald Creative Cloud-lidmaatschap.Krijg toegang tot alle Creative Cloud-apps en -services, plus 20 GB opslagruimte om toegang te krijgen tot je bestanden en je bestanden te delen.  Meer informatie.
                          3. Je lidmaatschap: Gratis lidmaatschap Creative Cloud
                          4. Je hebt toegang tot gratis proefversies van al onze producten, beperkte toegang tot services en 2 GB cloudopslag.
                          5. Desktop-apps downloaden
                          6. Adobe-desktop-applicatiesDesktop-apps downloaden


                          Then on second visit you get this, including "VIEW YOUR PRODUCTS" where the number can be found:


                          Gratis lidmaatschap Creative Cloud

                          Lidmaatschap beheren
                          Adobe-desktop-applicatiesDesktop-apps downloaden


                          1. Producten
                          2. Je producten bekijken --> there it is!!!
                          3. Orderhistorie
                          4. Je orders bekijken





                          So this fuzzy logic, that helps selling, in fact make real, tangible, long-term customers go in a frenzy.


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                            alberti.nl Level 1

                            Maybe this should be forwarded to the web owner (accountable/responsible).

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                              alberti.nl Level 1

                              I checked it again and now I had no problems.