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    PDF causes Acrobat 10 Pro to not respond when launched a second time




      I have an interesting situation that only seems to happen in Acrobat Pro 10 on Windows 7. I have replicated the issue in multiple users on the same machine and cannot explain the behavior besides to say that it's related to the "\AppData\Local\Adobe\Acrobat\10.0\UserCache.bin" file. When the "UserCache.bin" file is deleted and the PDF is double clicked in Windows Explorer it launches in Acrobat Pro X without issue. To close Acrobat Pro and double click the same PDF again Acrobat Pro launches but hangs immediately and does not respond. These PDFs that are exhibiting this problem are coming from an Ad agency's accounting software. I am able to launch the PDFs in Acrobat Reader on the same workstation without issue. I am not having any issues with these files in Acrobat 9 Pro on another computer. All other PDFs launch in Acrobat Pro 10 without issue.


      Adobe Acrobat Pro X is up to date and has been uninstalled and reinstalled. The Windows User Profile has been recreated as it was thought that it was User specific.

      I am at a loss as to how to continue troubleshooting.