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    Exporting PDF To Excel (Format Problems)

    Loufubu7 Level 1

      Hi all!  I have the following PDF that I'm trying to export to and Excel format.


      Link To PDF


      I'm having trouble getting the formatting right so the data ends up in the correct cells.  Here's the resulting Excel document.


      Link To Excel Document


      All the data ends up in one row.  That's not so helpful.  After experimenting further I tried exporting as a Word document, copying the contents of the table from that document, then pasting that information into a blank Excel workbook.  Here is what that looks like.


      Link To Word Document

      Link To New Excel Document Using Pasted Data From The Above Word Document


      As you can see, this is closer to what I'm after however the rows and data still don't line up correctly.


      Any tips on how to accomplish this would be helpful.

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          girijaAgarwal Adobe Employee

          Hi Loufubu7,


          Thank you for reporting the issue.

          It seems the problem lies in the tag structure embedded in the document for the table. The table contains almost all content in a single row and hence such output.

          I suggest you to try the following and see if that works for you:

          1. launch Acrobat and open the pdf

          2. Expand the left hand panel and click on "Tags:View and Edit structured PDF information"

          3. Right click on the "Tags" and then "Delete Tag"

          4. Right click on "No Tags Available" -> "Add Tags to Document"

          5. Now try exporting this pdf to excel


          I hope this helps!


          Thanks and Regards,

          Girija Agarwala

          Software Engineer II

          Adobe Systems

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            myrnad63348942 Level 1

            I'm having a similar export issue. However, all the data which should be in "so called pdf columns" end up in ONE column, far left in the excel spreadsheet. What can be done prior to the export or after the export?