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    Would Like to Make a few requests of the development team


      I have been a user since photoshop was 4.5, so I have a few requests that I know people want that adobe hasn't addressed and would like to see if they will now implement since it seems it never gets a nod.


      1.) to allow a user to import adobe illustrator documents with layers and allow them to be edited with the vector tools inside of photoshop.

      I know you can import them as rasterized layers....


      2.) have after effects recognize masks on grouped layers in photoshop.


      3.) be able to apply multiple masks on a single layer without having to group them.


      4.) be able to apply a gradient on a curved path instead of the default linear way


      5.) the 3d tools are horrid. You should be able to change the pivot point of the axis of a layer.


      these are just a few....


      Thank you


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