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    Enforcing required check boxes before moving on


      From created in Adobe Acrobat DC


      I am working on a form that requires check boxes or radio buttons to be ticked in a specific order. These check boxes or radio buttons would tell us whether the step passed or failed.We need to be able to prevent the user from moving on to Step 3 if they did not choose a check box for step 2. I understand that it is not recommended because users can become frustrated, but these are extremely important steps and my boss wants it this way.


      The form would be something like this:


      Step 1 - CheckBox1PASS Checkbox1FAIL - one must be chosen before moving on to step 2

      Step 2 - CheckBox2PASS Checkbox2FAIL  - one must be chosen before moving on to step 3


      I have looked everywhere for maybe a script that could do this. I know I can do it with text boxes by adding a script to the on blur action.


      Would anyone happen to know a script that could accomplish this? Please let me know if additional information is required.