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    PhoneGap update - iOS

    vjhjr89 Level 1

      Will my app not load on my iOS device if I am not using cli-6.5.0?

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          Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

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            kerrishotts Adobe Employee

            Please define "load" -- is the app failing to install, failing to launch, or something else?

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              vjhjr89 Level 1

              Failing to launch

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                kerrishotts Adobe Employee

                OK -- does the app even try to launch, or does it crash back to the springboard?


                Have you tried connecting your device to your computer and using Safari to debug what's going on? (Assuming you can get that far)


                Are you using PhoneGap CLI or Build? (I'm guessing the latter?) Regardless, what version are you using, and what version of cordova-ios are you using?

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                  vjhjr89 Level 1

                  It tries to launch but gets just shows a blank blue screen and never does anything after that. I will admit, my computer was stolen that had all the build files, but I thought that didn't matter since I uploaded the files on to Phone Gap. I believe I'm using "Build" because I don't know what CLI is. Also, I was getting an error message in PhoneGap stemming from my iOS certificate not being unlocked, but it did nothing once I unlocked it and redeployed my app. I'm not able to connect my iPhone to my new MacBook because it does not have a USB port.

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                    kerrishotts Adobe Employee

                    Unfortunately, a blank blue screen doesn't tell us much. Does your app have a blue screen? Is that your splash screen perhaps? Does your app use Hydration at all? My guess is a JavaScript error of some sorts preventing startup, but if you can't debug it, it's going to be next to impossible to help. A screenshot might be of use, so if you don't mind sharing, please post that.


                    As to PGB having the build files -- you're in trouble, I fear. You're going to need those build files in order to submit any changes back to PGB... although if you're lucky, you should be able to extract most of what you need from the IPA file you get from PGB (rename the download file to .zip, unzip, and you can then extract out the platform-specific config.xml and www files. You'll need to rework the config.xml file though.


                    Finally, your new macbook does have a USB port, it's just USB-C. You'll need to get a dongle to convert to USB-A so that your iPhone can connect.

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                      vjhjr89 Level 1

                      No problem. I don't mind rebuilding the files because I have a web app that is working fine but the iOS app I built on PhoneGap isn't. I just didn't understand if my web app works and the same files are on PhoneGap, why wouldn't the updates transfer through. I even used a from May 8th (when the PhoneGap iOS app and web app were working fine) and reverted my app to that deployment. I'll try rebuildilong the app though as you suggested and see if that works.