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    Linking a glossary to a book.

      I am currently trying to find a way to link specific glossaries to specific books/pages within my project, however I am unable to find any way of doing this. Essentially what I am trying to set up is a system where depending on the book/page that is being browsed, the glossary changes so that it relates specifically to the book/page that the user is browsing.

      I currently have three glossaries, each relating to a separate book (and all the pages contained within) and would like to link them all up accordingly.

      Does anyone know how this can be done?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Smidstovic

          If you are referring to the Glossary functionality supplied by RoboHelp, I don't believe any way exists to do that other than perhaps to generate three different WebHelp outputs with each having a different Glossary in place. Then you might construct a link of some form that would open the desired WebHelp output with the desired Glossary.

          You may wish to consider simply creating three different Glossary topics. (A Glossary topic is really nothing more than a long list of terms and definitions on a single page) You could then call the Glossary topic that applied. Perhaps opening it into a secondary window or new browser instance.

          Cheers... Rick