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    Zoom help needed

      I'm having problems with <mx:VSlider>. I have a <mx:container> that contains about 50 polygons of type UIComponent. I'd like to have a VSlider that zooms the container in and out. However, when I change the width and height of the container, the UIComponents do not change size with it. I can use an mx.effects.zoom to zoom the container and all the children using buttons. I would like to achieve the same effect with a VSlider though. Please have a look at my code and let me know how I can fix this issue. Thanks for the help!!
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          avejidah Level 1
          I was able to solve this problem by changing my changeSize(event) to this. Evidently scrollX/scrollY change the size of the container and all of it's children. It's strange to me, however, that setting the width and height of the container do not change the children, and even trying to change the child's width/height manually has no effect.