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    Creative Cloud crashes after start (no reinstallation possible)


      Hello there


      Unfortunately I've got some problems with my InDesign. I tried to install the InDesign application. The installation failed, but the Creative Cloud seem to be installed, so it is listed in the program list. After every reboot of the computer Creative Cloud try to start automatically but crashes after few minutes, with the message "Creative Cloud has stopped working", a message appears which means "would you like to repair?", but also the repair doesn't work.


      I tried the following things and I have no more possible solutions in my head right now, I also checked other threads about this problem, but with the solution of them I didn't reach anything.


      - uninstall and reinstall Creative Cloud

      - install without active Firewall

      - install on a different machine (Windows 10 and Windows 7)

      - Repair Creative Cloud

      - install with admin rights


      Thanks for your help!!