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    Help: Adobe air malfunctioned when run on vista

      Hi All:
      Here I meet one problem.
      I build an Air with Flash CS3 professional. After it installed on Windows xp system, everything work fine.
      But when installed on Windows vista system, if changing the time to Nov 2. 2008, the air won't work(URLLoader always meet ioError).
      if we changing the time to Nov 1. 2008, the air works(No ioError problem).

      My environment is
      Adobe Air runtime 1.1
      Developing tool : Flash CS3 professtional with flash9-en_US_9_0_2_Update.exe, flash9-en_US_9_0_3_Update.exe and AIRSDKIntegrationKit.zip updated to build air.

      If anyone can give me some suggestion about how to solve the problem , it will be greatly appreciated.
      Thanks in advance.