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    Please make an upload examples Adobe space..

      The best way to help someone in Flash (and in general in any other software) is to give him examples that suit's his needs. I use to give small examples in .zip files (when I can) by uploading them to my own web-sites spaces. But I don't guarantee that those spaces will not close some day after a few months or years, thus the links will be broken and lost together with the examples.

      It might would be wise for Adobe to create a space, thus each user to can upload and handle his own examples-tutorials and give theirs links to forums to help others, in order not to exist broken links. This could not only be referred for examples-tutorial files but also for PDFs or images or whatever useful that can help someone...

      Those examples then, can be used easily from anyone at the future as tutorial examples or to solve their problems faster.

      This is just an idea.... :)