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    InDesign export hi res print - file size over 1.5gb from 256mb jpeg?


      Hi all, im a little bit stuck.


      Im exporting some files for print - one of which is extremely large.

      Its a jpeg image behind some text. The jpeg is only 273mb, but the exported file is 1.5gb?


      This seems way to large, I've tried different acrobat versions, I've even downsampled the dpi to 200. but it still comes out as 1.5gb.

      The document size is 60" x 120". Its a poster for a show. I also have a portrait version 1/3 of the width, but that's only 15mb?!


      I have no idea what is going on, is there something I'm completely overlooking?


      any help is greatly appreciated as i have to get these files over to the printer asap.