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    Link precomp parameter to main comp slider/checkbox


      Hi guys!


      I'd like to know if it's possible to link a parameter in a precomp to a slider/checkbox, depending on the Precomp layer in the Main Comp.

      Here's the point: I have a Precomp with a simple animation in it. This Precomp is duplicated in my MainComp several times. I would like to make visible or not (with opacity) a layer in my Precomp just with a slider/checkbox on each Precomp layer in MainComp.

      This is just to keep the animation identical while changing colors and improve my workflow. Precomp is duplicated a loooooot of times.

      I know I can link it to Layer name or index, but this isn't the solution in my case.

      Is there something like ".parent", for example?


      (I hope i've been clear. It's a bit difficult to explain while English is not my mother tongue.)