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    Droplet for multiple resize & rename actions

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      I've been looking for days in the internet for an answer and couldn't find it. So finally I decided to write here.


      The thing is, I want to create a droplet to be used during lightroom export, creating several files of the same image (different resolutions).


      I managed to record an action resizing an image, watermarking it and renaming during the save as dialog (using the Automate -> Create Droplet -> File naming options).

      Originalfilename.jpg turns into


      So far so good.


      Then I recorded a second action doing the same but resizing to another size. On its own it's working just fine.


      Now comes the problem. In the end I created an action replaying those two actions and that is not working. There is some trouble with the renaming, the action stops at the first save dialog.


      Is there any way to create a droplet for what I need? I suppose there is some conflict with the file naming.


      The only working option I found was to save the different sizes into different folders using the very same file name (meaning no renaming is done). That leaves me with several files, all having the same name. That's something I would like to avoid if possible.


      Thanks so much for any help, it's much appreciated.