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    Auto toning only the white clipping?


      Hi everyone.


      I'd like to see if anyone knows how to create a preset or similar that will expose an image to the right.


      To explain:


      I'm a wedding photographer and after editing my images in lightroom they look great but when images go to print they would benefit from a pump to the right of the histogram. I'd be looking for a way to slide the curve to the right a bit more.


      In lightroom I can grab the histo, slide right and in turn it pushes the white clipping to where I want it to be.


      I'm after a more elegant way of doing this across 1000 photos



      So like the image above, I'd like the far right to end further along until I can go no further without spiking.


      If this isn't possible a Photoshop action will do!


      As always, any and all help is appreciated.