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    Duplicate accounts


      I have ended up with 2 accounts with Adobe. I have been through the Customer Care process as instructed on the website but they referred me to the forum.  I originally had a Sony eReader and then bought a KOBO eReader. I was having problems getting books to download from the Kobo site and I was told to reinitialise my ereader and I somehow ended up with 2 accounts under 2 different email addresses. My fault as I probably put my other email details in not realising it was a problem. However I now have ebooks which are DRM protected under different accounts. Is there anyway to get the DRM rights all put on one account. It has really only caused problems when I get a new device and it tells me I cannot open certain books as they have a different user ID. Spent a lot of time today trying to get my new Windows tablet to access all my books. Thanks